︎ Meredith Schomburg is
an artist + designer often found somewhere between SF, NY + LDN (she is currently based in the Bay). 

She loves to create worlds highlighting the human form in optimistic, colorful and dynamic ways.

Her approach to illustration is heavily influenced by an education and career in graphic design. Having worked in both tech and agency worlds before going full-time freelance she brings a unique perspective to the role illustration plays, from the smallest moments in product to larger applications in brand campaigns. She loves to apply her work to all kinds of mediums—from digital to print to large scale murals.

She filters (almost) everything through the simple goal of making art and making friends.

Clients include:
Airbnb, Adobe, Apple, Coca-Cola, Chase, Cosmopolitan, Duolingo, GroupMe, Lululemon, Marie Claire, Outdoor Voices, SoHo House, Ted, Youtube

Previously on teams at:
Koto, Airbnb and IDEO.

say hi ︎︎︎ meredithschom@gmail.com 
agent ︎︎︎ hello@thisisjelly.com